California Brokers

Referral Letter #2

GM MARKETING, INC. 545 Second Street, Manhattan Beach, California,   90266

Tel. 310-379-5858

FAX 310-379-8371


April 10, 1999

To: John Zimmer

From: Reed McIlroy

We much appreciate your efficient professional performance regarding the listing, and quick full price sale of our Carlsbad, CA. Property.

Not only were you firm and fair with us and the buyers, you saved us time and legal complications with your understanding and ultimate solution to some unusual real estate problems. We are thankful and impressed.

Even though your office is an hour and a half away from Carlsbad we could not have hoped to get anywhere near the same real estate expertise in that area. We are planning to sell a larger complex nearer the ocean this summer and we hope you will handle it for us from start to finish.

Thank you.


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