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Marketing Plan

Marketing Strategies to Insure the … BEST PRICE! Shortest Period! Fewest Problems!

The Listing Process


Preparing your home to sell:


Market Condition Check List

I'll supply you with "California Brokers’s Tips for Selling" and I’ll assist you with an all points checklist to make sure your home is in proper condition to insure the …BEST PRICE!  Go To "Tips for Selling Your Home."


Property Profile Sheets

To be left in your home so that purchasers and agents will have important information about your home.


Your "Home Book" A marketing booklet about you home.

Maximizes the viewing of your home by agents and buyers by providing important selling information. To be left in your home at all times.


Promotional Flyers and Special Features

I’ll develop Flyers and Special Feature Cards and place them throughout your home to help buyers find all the features that justify the BEST PRICE!


Multiple Listing Service

I’ll place your property in the Local Multiple Listing Service;

I will aggressively market you home through our multiple listing service. Increased exposure expands our "Pool of Buyers"


I’ll place your ad on the World Wide Web within search engines as well as my own web site

Search engines like:    Yahoo!



My Home Page:



Showing Accessibility

Lock Box: With your permission, I’ll place a Lock Box on your property to assure accessibility for the maximum number of buyers and a quicker sale, for the most money, even when your away from home!


The California Brokers Sign

A sign recognized for INTEGRITY throughout the Greater South Bay and Los Angeles!

With your permission, I’ll place a sign on your property to attract potential buyers!


Brokers Open House

My fellow sales and broker associates will inspect your home to familiarize them with it and help me promote it to potential buyers! I will diligently follow-up on every buyer lead!

I will encourage marketing and pricing recommendation to help us obtain the best price in the shortest period of time!



Your home will be scheduled for some of the best Advertising in the industry through strategic newspapers and magazines, such as, The Beach Reporter, The Easy Reader and The Daily Breeze.

We advertise listings based on CALLS! Consequently, we’ll advertise OTHER LISTINGS in the same price range to generate BUYERS for YOUR HOME!


My Local Marketing Efforts

YOUR NEIGHBORS! I’ll contact Your Neighbors and their Friends to Promote Your Home! Because, Our Studies show that Buyer Like to Live Close to Friends!

OPEN HOUSES! Your Home or Other Homes in the Same Price Range to Attract BUYERS FOR YOUR HOME!

"For Sale’ announcements.


My Industry Networking Efforts

I’ll promote Your Home to other Realtors and at the Real Estate Board Meetings! I’ll send Highlight Sheets to the "Top Selling" Agents in the area in Case they have buyers for your home!


Comparative Market Analysis


Pricing your home to sell

Buyers select by comparison-shopping

Buyers look at an average of 15 homes

In the buyer’s eyes, your price must be justified in comparison to other homes

The basis of a good home marketing program is the market analysis. I use the comparative method of market analysis, the method used by lending institutions when approving or rejecting financing of your home.

I’ll use Computer Software Programs to prepare a Comparative Market Analysis showing recent sales activity of residences in the area in order to help you determine the BEST PRICE To ask!

My comparative market analysis…

Shows competitive homes for sale

Competitive homes recently sold

Competitive homes that did not sell

Consequences of Overpricing!


Finding the right buyer for your home:

I have been specially trained to help the buyer take positive action and then match those needs with yours.


Applying Dollars and Sense

Certain expenses will be incurred in the sale of your home. It is best, therefore, to plan in advance for expenses that will apply to your transaction.


Communication: My Promise to You

I’ll call you weekly to discuss current activity!

I’ll continually update the Comparative Market Analysis to Insure We are Competitive!

Follow-up on all showings

Results of all buyer leads


When offers come

I’ll be right beside you to help negotiate…

The Most Money!

The Quickest Sale!

The Fewest Problems!

I will be with you all the way!


Closing the sale of your home

Your Satisfaction = My Success

I think it is in your best interest to list your home with the person that is most likely to find the right buyer in as timely a manner as possible.


California Brokers…and Me!

You get personalized attention from someone that cares and understands all aspects of the real estate transaction.


When you hire me… You’ve hired a Professional!

I do not receive payment for my services until you have received the proceeds from the sale of your home. I look forward to serving you!


My personal Referral List:

Referral Letters.

P.O. Box 4275
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(310) 8744-7574 (866) 564-6946(JohnZim)
(310) 378-1564 fax

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